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Is this a work of God, or man?

Today at church my husband Kirk was speaking with a fellow parishioner who told him about an experience he had earlier this week. He told Kirk that as he got off the freeway and drove to his son’s apartment he noticed two Mormon missionaries as he drove past them.

He prayed the Lord would send someone to share the gospel with them, and not long afterwards, there was a knock on the door. The Lord is great that way, eh?!

He shared the simple message that Jesus loves them, and knowing Bob, there would’ve been scripture to back it up.

Our friend’s experience serves as the perfect segue for our topic today: the contradictions in Mormon canon. (more…)

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Contradictions Between Bible and Book of Mormon

2 Timothy 3:7; “Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

     The scripture above is the theme of this article.  Please, pray for the Mormon people won’t you?  Below are just some of the contradictions we’ve found between the Bible and the Book of Mormon.  For a more detailed list of contradictions in the Triple Combination we offer a book written by Colleen Ralson in our bookstore which I highly recommend!


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