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President Nelson’s 95th Birthday Celebration “A gala celebrating the 95th birthday of President Russell M. Nelson will be held Friday, September 6, 2019, at 8:00 p.m. mountain daylight time in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City and will be broadcast live in eight languages on various Church channels…” (more…)

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Church Growth 2012


Earlier today I posted this article and I made a mistake in numbers.  While I don’t like being wrong I don’t like erroneous info on any of my sites even more.  I want to correct the information I posted at the end of this article.  My promise to everyone who reads my blog or sites is that if there’s anything wrong on anything I publish I will publicly apologize and correct the information.  This is the third time this has happened in 19 years of ministry so I want to be sure it’s understood I do keep my promises!

I don’t know what I wasn’t thinking!  Membership numbers for the LDS Church in 2010 was 14.13m not the 6m+ I had written about.  I knew this already but why it didn’t cause a red flag to wave in front of me is a mystery.

The 6m estimate for 2010 is what the Church claims are the number of members in the U.S.   I don’t want this error to become the focus, rather it should be on the Church.

Oh how I love and appreciate the friends of Life After Ministries!!  A good friend of ours e-mailed this morning (May 3, 2012) to express his concerns over an article that appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune (see his e-mail below).  His concern is warranted and was a confirmation to me that I wasn’t imagining what I had read from other articles.


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