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 We found 15 cool facts about the 4th of July that we thought you might like to know!

1.Three U.S. Presidents have died on the 4th of July –

Thomas Jefferson – 1826

John Adams – 1826

James Monroe – 1831 (more…)

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We’re praying everyone will have a blessed, and peaceful holiday as we take time to thank God for His blessings on this country!

May we remember that EVERY ONE of us are, ‘WE THE PEOPLE’.

With Love in Christ; Life After Ministries, 2020




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 I retrieved this awesome info at ThePioneerWoman.com

  1. Initially adopted by Congress on July 2, 1776, the revised version of the Declaration of Independence was not adopted until two days later.
  2. The oldest, continuous Independence Day celebration in the United States is the 4th of July Parade in Bristol, Rhode Island; it began in 1785.
  3. The Declaration of Independence was penned by Thomas Jefferson and signed by 56 men representing 13 colonies.


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