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Mormon Decisions 10Moses: Man of Miracles, pg 8; “When did civilization start? It began with Adam, the first man, unusually well educated because the Lord was his teacher. (Moses 6.) It is admitted that there was retrogression among some of his family who apostatized and then left his well-ordered society…

Thus they became the cavemen and other early degenerates who some scholars now mistakenly believe were the first men. All of this differs but little from situations found among certain aborigines who live today in some parts of the world.

Both the caveman-type and the advanced man of our present culture still live today, as examples of the contrast between human retrogression on one hand and cultural advancement on the other. Since this is happening today, can anyone say that the condition did not also exist 5,000 or 6,000 years ago?” – Mark E. Petersen


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