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Mormon Decisions 10The Psychology of Religious Genius: Joseph Smith and the Origins of New Religious Movements, Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought, Volume 26, Number 4, Winter, 1993, pp 10, 13; “Although many people are aware that one of Joseph Smith’s brightest and most appealing sons, David Hyrum, tragically lapsed into insanity and spent the last years of his life in a mental institution, few realize that at least six other male descendants of the Mormon prophet also have suffered from psychological disorders, including manic-depression. The possibility that Joseph Smith himself may also have been subject to similar tendencies cannot be discounted…13 In no area were Joseph Smith’s manic qualities more evident than in his efforts to introduce and practice polygamy during the last three years of his life. The point at which Joseph Smith began systematically to introduce polygamy to his closest associates has strong suggestions of mania. . . . his subsequent surge of activity with the sixteen or more women with whom he appears to have sustained sexual relations as plural wives . . . is even more suggestive of the hyper-sexuality that often accompanies manic periods.” – Lawrence Foster


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