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Emma Smith

Mormon Decisions 10Brigham Young Sermon, October 1, 1866 and reported in the Utah Historical Quarterly, Volume 48, Winter 1980, pg 82; “The sympathies of the Latter-day Saints are with the family of the martyred prophet. I never saw a day in the world that I would not almost worship that woman, Emma Smith, if she would be a saint instead of being a devil… [We] would have been exceeding glad if the prophet’s family had come with us when we left Nauvoo… We would have made cradles for them… and would have fed them on milk and honey. Emma is naturally a very smart woman; she is subtle and ingenious…. she has made her children inherit lies. To my certain knowledge Emma Smith is one of the damnest liars I know of on this earth; yet there is no good thing I would refuse to do for her, if she would only be a righteous woman.”


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