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Jeff Flake Senator and MormonIt’s not very often I check in on speeches our politicians give at the many events they attend. However, last week I made an exception when I came across a headline featuring a talk Senator Jeff Flake gave at a mosque in Scottsdale, AZ.

Some things Mr. Flake said in his speech served as another reminder of how Mormons like to compare themselves to the Islamic faith, so we’re looking at the article from Prescott News. We’re doing this not because of the recent incident in San Bernardino, rather, the article reminded us to bring attention to what they’re doing.

Our main question is why are they doing this?

The other issue we’re looking at is the truthfulness of what Mr. Flake said at this mosque. You can find our list of questions about comments made by Mr. Flake below. Text from the newspaper is in black font, our questions are in red.


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