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Lectures on Faith, p. 93 “Shem was Melchizedek… From this definite account of driving the “nations apart, when the ancient hills did bow,” all reflecting minds may judge that man was scattered over the whole face of the earth. And with the superior knowledge of men like Noah, Shem (who was Melchizedek) and Abraham, the father of the faithful, three cotemporaries, holding the keys of the highest order of the priesthood: connecting the creation, and fall; memorising the righteousness of Enoch; and glorying in the construction of the ark for the salvation of a world; still retaining the model and pattern of that ark, than which a great, ah, we might say, half so great a vessel has never been built since; for another ark, be it remembered, with such a ponderous living freight will never be prepared as a vessel of mercy by command of Jehovah. Times and Seasons, Vol. 5, p. 746. Nauvoo, Illinois, December 15, 1844. Elder John Taylor, Editor.)” (more…)

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