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The Church and the Negroid People, pp. 1-3 “The problem of the races is not new. The various races have been with us since written history began. … What the mark was that came upon Cain and which enabled others to distinguish him from the other children of Adam is not made clear.

The Bible does not mention if or how the curse and mark placed upon Cain survived the great flood. In the account of Noah and his sons there is a curse referred to as being placed on Canaan, son of Ham by his grandfather Noah. …

The Biblical account indicates a separation of the descendants of Canaan from the lands occupied by the descendants of Shem and Japheth.

The Biblical writers make little attempt to record the history of other than Israelite peoples and distinguish these as descendants of Shem. These we find very conscious of racial streams.

Thus, Abraham sends for a woman from among his own people at Haran as wife for his son Isaac. And Isaac’s son finds a wife in the same land. The Jews returning from Babylon after the captivity reestablished Jerusalem but purged out all who could not trace their genealogy to Israel. …” — William E. Berrett, Vice President of BYU [emp. added] (more…)

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