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A New Witness for the Articles of Faith, p. 518 “Israelites are called Gentiles in those scriptures which speak of the gospel going first to the Gentiles and then to the Jews in the last days. Thus the Book of Mormon came forth by way of the Gentile; Joseph Smith was the Gentile who brought it forth; and the United States is a Gentile nation. This is an instance of all men being divided into two categories–Jews and Gentiles, with the Jews being those who are descendants of the Kingdom of Judah. This categorizes the Lost Tribes of Israel as Gentiles, though, in fact, they are of the literal blood of Israel. Joseph Smith was of Ephraim, and the so-called Gentiles who are receiving the gospel in this day, before it goes to the Jews in full measure, are of the house of Israel.” —  Bruce R. McConkie, 1985 (more…)

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 What Think Ye of Salvation by Grace? “The first great heresy, sweeping like a prairie fire through McConkie,Bruce_clrthe struggling branches of a newly born Christianity, destroyed the worship of the true God. And the second, a heresy originating in the same courts of darkness, destroyed that very atonement of God’s only Son.

This second heresy—and it is the delusion and mania that prevails to this day in the great evangelical body of Protestantism—is the doctrine that we are justified by faith alone, without the works of the law. It is the doctrine that we are saved by grace alone, without works. It is the doctrine that we may be born again simply by confessing the Lord Jesus with our lips while we continue to live in our sins…

While driving along a highway in my car, I was listening to the radio sermon of one of these evangelists who was preaching of salvation by grace alone. He said all anyone had to do to be saved was to believe in Christ and perform an affirmative act of confession…

Unfortunately, I did not accept his generous invitation to gain instant salvation; and so I suppose my opportunity is lost forever!

As with the proposal of Lucifer in the preexistence to save all mankind, so with the doctrine of salvation by grace alone, without works, as it is taught in modern Christendom — both concepts are false. There is no salvation in either of them. They both come from the same source; they are not of God.” – Bruce R. McConkie, January 10, 1984


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