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General Conference Report, ‘Relief Society Attendance,’ pp 9-10 “Now to the sisters in the Church I say that attendance at Relief Society, in an important way is not really optional. It is as obligatory upon a woman to draw into her life the virtues that are fostered by the Relief Society as it is an obligation for the men to build into their lives the patterns of character fostered by the priesthood”. – Boyd K. Packer, September 30, 1978 (more…)

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spring cleaningIn September 2013, LDS Apostle D. Todd Christofferson, delivered a speech at a BYU devotional announcing the Church’s plan to release selected documents of Joe Smith’s history. In the process of doing this, the online ‘Gospel Topics’ portal would find itself under a major revision with housing the newly published ‘LDS Essays’. In sum, these essays are the explanations on various topics on the histories of both the Church, and Joe Smith.

You can find a link for Mr. Christofferson’s BYU speech here, and the link for a list of their essays here.

Today it looks as if the Church is holding the marathon spring cleaning event of the century. In addition to the essays, you can find another set of documents containing more of the Church’s history, Smith diaries, and revelations, et al, at JosephSmithPapers. This is what we’re looking at today! Woo-hoo! We’re actually focusing on a couple of different things, so hang with me, and it’ll all make sense!


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