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hobby_lobby_banner_5B1_5DGood news about Hobby Lobby!!

A federal court judge granted Hobby Lobby a preliminary injunction against the Obama administration who was forcing the craft store to provide abortion pills to its employees.

Praise God!

It’s odd how the government forces people to pick up the tab for others to force a baby out of them…

This stay is good so far, but the battle isn’t over so keep praying!

You can read more about this ongoing struggle at LifeNews


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In celebration of my son’s birthday my husband and I treated the family to dinner and a movie the other night. As we watched the previews I was shocked at the amount of the new occult like movies that are going to be marketed to young kids. One movie is about a young boy who can see and talk to the dead, and the other is about yet another boy who brings his beloved, deceased pet back to life.

Is it just me, or are we seeing a lot of this type of genre marketing to our kids and teens lately? I have to say it grieves my heart to see so much of our modern media promoting the works of darkness and labeling it “entertainment”. I like to tell them “just because something is done in cartoon form doesn’t somehow soften the fact that the film at its core is about necromancy” as we see by the first two examples.


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