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Mormon Decisions 10Today we’re looking at events from the BoM to see if they line up with the Bible, and if they seem reasonable for historical events taking place in BC 587. The passage below is a description of a dream Lehi had. 

1 Nephi 1:9-15; “And it came to pass that he saw One descending out of the midst of heaven, and he beheld that his luster was above that of the sun at noon-day. 10 And he also saw twelve others following him, and their brightness did exceed that of the stars in the firmament. 11 And they came down and went forth upon the face of the earth; and the first came and stood before my father, and gave unto him a book, and bade him that he should read. 12 And it came to pass that as he read, he was filled with the Spirit of the Lord.


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