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 As you read through our LDS reference today, remember to heed Paul’s warning!

“But refuse profane and old wives’ fables, and exercise thyself rather unto godliness.” — 1 Timothy 4:7

Joseph Smith’s explanation of the Nephite currency is a ruse. Like events in the Hollywood movie ‘National Treasure’, the Book of Mormon sends readers on endless trails of secret meanings, and ‘it might be here’ scenarios. If you look at just one more thing…

Alma 11:4-19 “Now these are the names of the different pieces of their gold, and of their silver, according to their value. And the names are given by the Nephites, for they did not reckon after the manner of the Jews who were at Jerusalem; neither did they measure after the manner of the Jews; but they altered their reckoning and their measure, according to the minds and the circumstances of the people, in every generation, until the reign of the judges, they having been established by king Mosiah. (more…)

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