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The following Mormon reference comes from one of a set of tracts Mormons hand out to the general public known as Latter-day Tract Pamphlets. This one is called ‘What the Mormons Think of Christ’.

Overall, there are 70+ pamphlets available, and this one in particular is one of the most quoted from because of its content.

LDSLatter-day Tracts [Pamphlets], ‘What the Mormons Think of Christ,’ p. 3; “…as is well known, the Bible does not contain all the doctrines and truths taught by the prophets and apostles, nor have the teachings preserved in it come down to us in an absolutely perfect form…Yet, with it all, the Bible as now translated is one of the marvels of the ages: and is revered and devoutly believed by the Latter-day Saints.


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The Bible and Another Gospel

In the January 2011 edition of the Ensign I came across an article entitled “The Scriptures Teach and Testify of Jesus Christ”.


What I found interesting in this article is the manipulative way the Church goes about confusing its members.  At the onset of this article it says “The main purpose of the scriptures is to testify of Christ, helping us come unto Him and receive eternal life (see John 5:39).


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