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Book of Mormon; the American Bible?

The following LDS reference came from a speech given by Bruce McConkie in 1985. In his defense for the Book of Mormon he referred to it as the American Bible. His words were noteworthy enough for us to take heed. The Church and its members like to denounce many of McConkie’s writings and speeches, yet we can see how they deliberately used them to further their agenda. If they really had a problem with him you can be sure he’d be shut down in a hurry.

“Come: Hear the Voice of the Lord”, Ensign, December 1985; “What is the Book of Mormon? In many respects it is the most marvelous book ever prepared by prophetic hands. Call it an American Bible if you will, for it goes hand in hand with the Bible itself in announcing the mind and will of the Lord and in proclaiming the eternal plan of salvation…


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