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Romans 1:22; “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.”

Whether you call it a vision, or a theophany, the end result in many cases is very much the same.

Today we’re looking at an interesting event that took place in the early nineteenth century at the beginning stages of America’s 2nd Great Awakening. After the 1st Awakening, Americans were compelled to fall back into their old ways. The Lord and His word found its way to the back burner of American’s itineraries, but it didn’t last long.

Early in the 1790’s one person from the southern regions of Kentucky was convicted by God to change his ways. That one person’s experience was the birthing pangs of the 2nd Great Awakening. Feeling impressed to be washed in the baptismal waters to wash away his sins, one man convinced his pastor to baptize him that very day. His actions started another revolution in America, albeit this one wasn’t against Britain. The only blood shed this time around was already done almost 2,000 yrs prior.


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