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Mormon Decisions 10Doctrine and Covenants 28:2-6; “But, behold, verily, verily, I say unto thee, no one shall be appointed to receive commandments and revelations injoseph smith 3 this church excepting my servant Joseph Smith, Jun., for he receiveth them even as Moses. 3 And thou shalt be obedient unto the things which I shall give unto him, even as Aaron, to declare faithfully the commandments and the revelations, with power and authority unto the church. 4 And if thou art led at any time by the Comforter to speak or teach, or at all times by the way of commandment unto the church, thou mayest do it.  5 But thou shalt not write by way of commandment, but by wisdom; 6 And thou shalt not command him who is at thy head, and at the head of the church.” – Joseph Smith, September 1830, Fayette, New York

Also see History of the Church 1:109 – 110.


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