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 General Conference, ‘Deepening Our Conversion to Jesus Christ’, October 2021 “Studying the scriptures is an important part of understanding the mission and ministry of Jesus Christ. …Through this understanding, individuals build trust in His promises made in the scriptures, as well as in the promises and blessings of modern prophets. …

In studying the gospel, we are seeking to become a ‘new creature’ (2 Corinthians 5:17).

Teaching from the scriptures transforms people. The power of the Holy Ghost is manifest through them to positively change lives.

The Holy Ghost guides us toward truth and testifies to us of the truth…We should seek the companionship of the Holy Ghost. …

We must seek everything that invites the influence of the Spirit and reject anything that deviates from this influence.” — Arnulfo Valenzuela, General Authority Seventy (more…)

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