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The Shepherds and Their Sheep

Today and tomorrow we’re looking at the exciting events of Holy Night! Today we’re taking a look at the life of a shepherd. Who were they and what does their story have to do with you personally? You’ll be amazed as we take a deeper look at what this message means – I know I was!

1 Samuel 17:15; “But David went and returned from Saul to feed his father’s sheep at Bethlehem.”

From the days of Jacob living in Egypt with his sons, shepherding had been the family business. Genesis 46:34 While the Bible gives us stories of great heroes who were shepherds, David, AmosAbelAbraham, and Isaac, society looked down on them. The stereotype of the hireling shepherd being shiftless, uneducated, and worthless, was general knowledge passed from one generation to the next for centuries. (more…)

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