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Hill Cumorah Gold Diggers

Mormon Decisions 10Readings in L.D.S. Church History from Original Manuscripts, Vol. 1, pg 63; “I will tell you a wonderful thing that happened after Joseph had found the plates. Three of us took some tools to go to the hill [Cumorah] and hunt for some more boxes, or gold or something, and indeed we found a stone box. We got quite excited about it and dug quite carefully around it, and we were ready to take it up, but behold, by some unseen power it slipped back into the hill. We stood there and looked at it, and one of us took a crow bar and tried to drive it through the lid to hold it, but it glanced and broke one corner off the box.” – High Priest Martin Harris, one of the Three Witnesses, see William E. Berrett and Alma P. Burton, eds.


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