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Stay on PathOur question today isn’t rhetorical, rather, it stems from a comment made by LDS apostle Dieter Uchtdorf at the October 2015 General Conference.

Couched in a long sermon, Mr. Uchtdorf said all members would benefit from asking themselves a series of questions to evaluate where they are in life. This way, he said, they’d also be better prepared to answer questions from non-members.

We’re taking a look at the key parts of his speech, and then we’ll ask our own set of questions!

Ensign, ‘It Works Wonderfully!,’ November 2015; “Is the Gospel Working for You? … Sometimes the truth may just seem too straightforward, too plain, and too simple for us to fully appreciate its great value. So we set aside what we have experienced and know to be true in pursuit of more mysterious or complicated information. Hopefully we will learn that when we chase after shadows, we are pursuing matters that have little substance and value.


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