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Letter on Journal of Discourses “Dear … (name blotted out)

In having in your library, the 26 volumes of the “JOURNALS OF DISCOURSES, you have a library containing the sermons of the Presidents and Apostles of the Church. If anyone tells you that the sermons found therein are not recognized by the Church, they know not what they are talking about. I am sure that the individual is not anyone in authority — certainly not among the General Authorities. It could be a stake authority or a ward authority, but the opinion that the individual or individuals has expressed to you is absolutely erroneous.

If you will kindly turn to the title page of any of them, you will observe that they were published by P # D* and F. S. W* Richards, 15 Wilton St., London, England, and distributed by the Latter-day Saints Book Depot, 35 Jewin Street. This was the printing office where all of the Church publications were printed in England in the early days of the opening of the British Mission, (more…)

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