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January 19 — Book of Joseph. Testing for Truth, Part 3; “Many people refuse to use the Bible as a standard for truth. They will often claim that the Bible is not trustworthy, after all, it’s thousands of years old, and it’s probably been corrupted over the years…

If someone claims that the Bible has been corrupted, they have immediately revealed themselves to be a false teacher. Consider this, why would God give us scripture as a means to test teachers, allow that scripture to become corrupted, and then send us another teacher, with no means to test him?

If God had allowed scriptures to become corrupted, and their meanings lost, then we would cease to have any way of knowing God’s truth. For even if after this supposed corruption God were to send a prophet to restore truth, how would we know that it is indeed truth, with no test, anything this prophet says is suspect.

If God were to allow scriptures to become corrupted, that would make it impossible for us to know when He speaks to us. There simply would be no way of knowing if a person is a true prophet of God, or a false prophet teaching doctrines of demons, as any conflict with scripture can simply be excused with the accusation of corruption.” (more…)

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