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Gospel Cannot Change

Mormon Decisions 10Church News, pg 16 (June 5, 1965); “When the Lord commands us to become like Him, He really intends that we shall do so.  But since He never changes, and since human nature is always the same, identical conditions are required to bring that human nature into harmony with the unchangeable God.  “For that reason, the Gospel must always be the same in all its parts.”  To say that the Gospel may be changed is to say that either God has changed, or that human nature is no longer human nature.”  It is obvious, therefore that no one change the Gospel, and that if they attempt to do so, they only set up a man-made system which is not the Gospel, but is merely a reflection of their own views. And since only God can save, only His Gospel can save, and if se substitute “any other Gospel,” there is no salvation in it.”


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