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Praying for a Witness to the BoM

Mormon Decisions 10Whenever a Mormon asks you to pray for a witness that the Book of Mormon is true ask how praying about the BoM will tell you if the Church is true.

Teachings in the Book of Mormon cannot be found in Mormonism. Jesus is God is preached in the book of Mosiah and this clearly doesn’t reflect what’s going on in the Mormon Church.

Mosiah 15:1-4: “And now Abinadi said unto them: I would that ye should understand that God himself shall come down among the children of men, and shall redeem his people. And because he dwelleth in flesh he shall be called the Son of God, and having subjected the flesh to the will of the Father, being the Father and the Son—The Father, because he was conceived by the power of God; and the Son, because of the flesh; thus becoming the Father and Son— And they are one God, yea, the very Eternal Father of heaven and of earth.”

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