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New Era, ‘The Blessings of an Honest Tithe,’ January 1982; “As an acknowledgment and in return for his bounty, the Lord requires us to return to him as tithing 10 percent of our interest annually. In the law of the gospel, tithing is, then, as has already been said, a legal obligation. It is not a mere freewill offering. And although the Lord does not enforce it as we enforce debts in our society by foreclosing the mortgage or turning off the water or the lights, a penalty for nonpayment is always exacted. …men themselves decide whether to pay or not to pay tithing—this is their option. But there is an option they do not have and that is to receive the promised blessings for tithing and also to refuse to pay tithing. If they do not pay tithing, they are not entitled to these blessings and they will never receive them.” – Marion Romney


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