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 The LDS Church announced their intention of building eight new temples at their last General Conference in October 2019. Today we’re looking at two of those choices, and in the next few days, we’ll look at a couple more.

Our reason for concern on the two we’re looking at stems from the Church’s choice of location, and what they said about the ‘help’ they’re giving to them. The two temples in question: Guatemala, and Papua New Guinea. We’ve listed the stats for each country below, along with a few questions! To read the Church announcement in full, see October 2019 General Conference News and Announcements.

In addition to the announcement of a new temple, at the end of the same month the Church also announced their donation of 100 beds to the hospital in Port Moresby. This is obviously a show to warm up locals to their presence, and gives future missionaries a foot in the door showing their concern for them. Here’s the reality of life regarding these two temples … (more…)

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