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Zina Huntington, a wife of Brigham Young, was quoted in Stanley Hirshson’s book:

The Lion of the Lord, pp. 229-30 “It is the duty of a first wife to regard her husband not with a selfish devotion… she must regard her husband with indifference, and with no other feeling than that of reverence, for love we regard as a false sentiment; a feeling which should have no existence in polygamy… we believe in the good old custom by which marriages should be arranged by the parents of the young people – New York World, November 17, 1869.” – Stanley P. Hirshson, 1969 (more…)

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I’ve been receiving e-mails asking if I could publish a list of excerpts of what the Journal of Discourses says about polygamy. Well, today is the day I’ve listed some of them! Unfortunately, the JD doesn’t have an online index…one of these days…

For now I just started at the beginning – I’ll list a few every week until I’ve exhausted what we can find!

While reading over these, keep in mind many of the same mindsets are still present with Mormon dogma. Pray for the Mormons who still hold to the false beliefs!

With Love in Christ;


1 Cor 1:18

Mormon Children Born into Polygamy Superior

Journal of Discourses 13:207-208; “I have heard it said, and seen it printed, that the children born here under this system are not so smart as others; that their eyes lack luster and that they are dull in intellect; and many strangers, especially ladies, when arriving here, are anxious to see the children…

But the testimony of Professor Park, the principal of the University of Deseret, and of other leading teachers of the young here, is that they never saw children with greater aptitude for the acquisition of knowledge than the children raised in this Territory. There are no brighter children to be found in the world than those born in this Territory. Under the system of Patriarchal Marriage, the offspring, besides being equally as bright and brighter intellectually, are much more healthy and strong.

Need I go into particulars to prove this? To you who are married there is no necessity of doing so; you know what I mean. … Another good effect of the institution here is that you may travel throughout our entire Territory, and virtue prevails.” – George Q. Cannon, Salt Lake City, October 9, 1869

Mark it in the books – having kids while married to your wife’s relatives makes for smarter kids. There’s obviously no loss of self confidence either.


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Joseph Will Go To Hell To Get Emma

Journal of Discourses 17:159; “I want to say to my sisters that if you lift you heels against this revelation, and say that you would obliterate it, and put it out of existence if you had the power to nullify and destroy it, I say that if you imbibe that spirit and feeling, you will go to hell, just as sure as you are living women. Emma took that revelation, supposing she had all there was; but Joseph had wisdom enough to take care of it, and he had handed the revelation to Bishop Whitney, and he wrote it all off. After Joseph had been to Bishop Whitney’s he went home, and Emma began teasing for the revelation. Said she—”Joseph, you promised me that revelation, and if you are a man of your word you will give it to me.” Joseph took it from his pocket and said—”Take it.” She went to the fire-place and put it in, and put the candle under it and burnt it, and she thought that was the end of it, and she will be damned as sure as she is a living woman. Joseph used to say that he would have her hereafter, if he had to go to hell for her, and he will have to go to hell for her as sure as he ever gets her.” – Brigham Young, Lehi City, Utah, August 9, 1874


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Joseph Smith Polygamy Quotes

We’ve been receiving a few e-mails lately asking for information on polygamy and what Joseph Smith said and taught about it in the public forum.  Here are a few notable things Mr. Smith had to say.





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