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Scrapbook of Mormon Literature, p. 536-542 “The UNKNOWN GOD REVEALED…Our Modern Altars to the Unknown God…It is a painful and confusing thing to the Christian investigator to be convinced, as he must be, by the fact that millions …are kneeling “To the Unknown God.”

One cannot say how many professed Christians really have a conscious knowledge of the God whom they reverence and whose Son they believe Jesus, the Christ, to be. But one may know without much inquiry that very few of our Christian churchmen have what we may be allowed to call “a working knowledge of God.”…They have simply apprehended that “there must be a God”…

Your appeal for the restoration of “the old time faith in a personal and known God” impels us to respond to your editorial by offering you the very faith for which you so earnestly contend. …We offer you the “old time” Faith which has been restored to the earth, with all the principles, gifts, powers and authority of ancient times. …And what more, we ask you candidly, and earnestly, to aid us in this revival of the “old time” Faith…that henceforth and forever may be lowered, both in and out of the churches, the countless thousands of altars erected to the “unknown God.” — Ben Erastus Rich (more…)

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