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Last week as I was gathering info from the Church’s site, I came across their definition for Adam and Eve. As a heads up, here’s the chain of links I went through to get to what was supposed to be a simple thing…

You can find this info in their section, ‘Lesson Helps for Teaching Children’, and then from there the real info is found in ‘Friend, ‘Our First Parents,’ February 1973’. We’ve taken just a few of the most pertinent things they said. To read their article in full, see link above.

The Church’s definition for both names, (Adam and Eve), is far from correct! For me this is just heartbreaking. Why can’t they just tell the truth???

LDS Lies ~

‘Adam and his wife, Eve, were the first people Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, placed on the newly created earth. Adam’s name means many, for all who have ever lived upon the earth, or who will live upon the earth, are the children of this great and intelligent man. Eve was the first mother of the human family, and her name means mother of all living.’


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