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New Era, ‘What the Christmas Story Can Teach Us,’ December 2015;

baby-jesus-in-blanket-mannToday we’re looking at an article in the New Era, a monthly publication written to ‘enlighten and educate’ LDS youth.

In this article there were several quotes given by past LDS prophets describing who Jesus is, and to say they were outrageous would be the understatement of the year! The first quote wasn’t attached to any specific person, but we thought it was highly important to point this one out because of how wrong it is.

“The birth of Jesus Christ, one of the most miraculous events in history, took place in a humble stable.”

Why isn’t the birth of Jesus the most miraculous event in history?

What else is there since the creation of man could be of more import than this?

This statement undermines the truth about everything there is to do with Jesus, and what God has done for us.


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