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In our look at the not-so-unique names in the Book of Mormon this week, we’re highlighting some of what we’ve found over the years in this series.

Today we’re looking at parts 2 and 3. Our objective in listing these today is to give a quick overview, and have you ask the Mormon you know what they think of this.


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 Over five years ago I wrote an article entitled ‘Demonic and Ungodly Names in the Book of Mormon’.  Since then I have been asked by numerous people to write more on this particular subject so here it is!

‘Back by popular demand’as they say,  I went through my old notes and found some other names I think would be of interest to the Mormon, and non-Mormon alike. There were more than 50 names of people and/or places contradicting what Biblical accounts report. Here are just a few of them.


 The name of Chemish so closely resembles the name of Chemosh from the Bible, it’s hard to ignore. In Mormonism the name Chemish belongs to the brother of Ameleki. These two brothers and others, were responsible for writing the book of Omni in the Book of Mormon.

 The official LDS website search engine says this about Chemish:

 The book of Omni: A book translated from the small plates of Nephi in the Book of Mormon. The book has only a single chapter, which contains an account of the wars among the Nephites and Lamanites. Omni wrote only the first three verses of the book. The plates were then passed in turn to Amaron, Chemish, Abinadom, and finally Amaleki.  And it came to pass that I did deliver the plates unto my brother Chemish. He delivered the plates to King Benjamin, king of Zarahemla…”


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