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During the past few days I kept receiving e-mails from around the world with headline news of Joel Olsteen defecting from the faith.

After doing unknown hours of research to see if it were true I was convinced it was.

Now, I’m wondering and doubting that story…

Because of that I’m pulling the story I posted earlier until I receive hard evidence otherwise.

Here’s a story found on the Houston Chronicle’s website about this story.

As I’ve always contended I will and do publicly apologize if/when I’ve made a mistake and so here’s proof of that!

Michelle Grim

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This week started off with a bang, if you will.

I woke this morning to find another barrage of angry posts on the blog from a very disgruntled Mormon.

Now he’s been posting every day, several times a day, and because of his vocabulary I’ve banned his notes from showing up on the blog. Today I downloaded info from this blog and discovered this Mormon gentleman has gone to the trouble of acquiring an e-mail address with our ministry name.

I’d like to ask everyone to pray for this man as he seems to be obsessed with e-mailing spam to us multiple times each day. I won’t go into the number of times he’s tried to post comments since I banned him or how incredibly rude he’s been.


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An Open Letter to Joel Osteen

My good friend Ed Decker, founder of the ministry Saints Alive, wrote an open letter to Pastor Joel Osteen regarding his comments about Mitt Romney being a Christian.


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It’s a good thing there are pastors out there that know the difference between the truth and a lie.  Before we open our mouths as Christians we need to do our homework.  It goes back to my rule with my kids.  You have one mouth and two ears so use them accordingly.


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