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Satanic LDS Jewelry 2016A few years ago we wrote about the products available at the online Deseret bookstore that actually surprised even us. It’s been three years since that posting and thought we’d take a quick glance at it again. We discovered it got even worse.

We’re concerned and saddened by their lack of spiritual discernment in calling themselves Christians while peddling the demonic items all for the sake of a few bucks.

This time we found coins with questionable imprints, rings with the potential to spiritually imprison those who are less mature in the Lord, and other jewelry that is just outright, blatantly demonic. You can find their product lines @ CTRRingSales.com and DeseretBook.com

We pray when a Christian sees the trinkets, they’ll know straightaway of the dangers these hold, and warn their Mormon friends. They may seem benign, but this shouldn’t cause a believer to blindly accept what they see on the outside. The following items are a synopsis of what we found –


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