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Mormon Decisions 10500 More Little Known Facts in Mormon History, p 4; “Two Sacred Interpreters or Three? (1827) The Urim and Thummim assigned to Joseph were the same interpreters received by the Brother of Jared on MountJoseph Smith's Seer Stone Simeon. Abraham received a different Urim and Thummim while he was in Ur, of the Caldees. Martin Harris said that the prophet also possessed a seer stone by which he was able to translate, as well as with the Urim and Thummin. Whereas the Urim and Thummim were composed of two crystal stones set in the rims of a bow (and detachable), the seer stone was a small, oval, kidney shaped stone. This was separate and distinct from the Urim and Thummim that were delivered to the angel after the translation. The seer stone is still in the possession of the Church President.” – George W. Givens, 2004


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