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January 14 — Astrology. You’ll find a host of many rules for Mormons written in encyclopedic works like Mormon Doctrine & Encyclopedia of Mormonism. However, the everyday Mormon rarely follows what they say, if they’ve even heard of them. Occult activities is a classic example. Reading a horoscope is no big deal for most Mormons, and even Joe Smith was known for his strong reliance upon it. Mormon Portraits, p. 19. Ask the Mormon in your life if they’ve been told these things are condemned in the Bible! (more…)

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Jupiter Talisman 2It’s almost impossible to do any research on Mormonism without coming across historical documentation of Joseph Smith’s participation in the occult and the speech we’re listing here is a good example of that.

Of all the subjects within the world of Mormonism, learning about Joseph’s participation in the occult is what shocked me the most when I finally left the Church.  All I can say is that I had absolutely no idea he did these things, but looking back on the things I participated in as a Mormon I shouldn’t have been surprised…


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