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 Seventy’s Course in Theology [Salt Lake City: Deseret News, 1907-1912], 1:166 “…some may deny that the mongrelization of the Southern people would offend the race notion—would corrupt or degrade the Southern stock of humanity. If so, then such a one has yet to learn the largest-writ lessons of history and the most impressive doctrines of biological science.

That the negro is markedly inferior to the Caucasian is proved both craniologically and by six thousand years of planet-wide experimentation; and that the commingling of inferior with superior must lower the higher is just as certain as that the half-sum of two and six is only four.” — B. H. Roberts (more…)

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Mormon Decisions 10Today we’re mixing things up again! I’m dividing this dilemma in two parts so let’s go!

Where Is Wisdom?, p 389-390; “…the writer calls attention to the well-known distinct primary divisions of the human race now on the earth, namely, the Caucasian, the Mongolian, and the Negroid; and that these branches of mankind differ not only in bodily appearance but especially in mental qualities. The black skin of the Negro is not simply an excessive sunburn; no Caucasian becomes black, however long he may reside in tropical climates; and no Negro born and bred in temperate climates ever becomes white.


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