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God is Our Literal Father, Brigham Makes Scripture…

Mormon Decisions 10We all know how it is with Mormonism.  After studying it for any length of time the shock value wears itself thin and then every once in awhile something I’ve not seen before comes slithering across my desk – such is the case with the speech given here by Mr. Brigham Young. 

The Essential Brigham Young, “I Propose to Speak Upon a Subject that does not Immediately Concern Yours or My Welfare” A Sermon Delivered on 8 October 1854, pgs 89-90; “I feel prepared to take my text; it is the words of Jesus Christ, but where they are in the Bible I cannot tell you now, for I have not taken pains to look at them. I have had so much to do, that I have not read the Bible for many years. I used to be a Bible student; I used to read and study it, but did not understand the spirit and meaning of it…My clerks know how much time I have to read, it is difficult for me to snatch time enough even to eat my breakfast and supper, to say nothing of reading.”


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