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Psalm 32:7 “Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah.”

General Conference, ‘Build a Fortress of Spirituality and Protection,’ April 2019 “We make and renew our covenants by partaking of the sacrament and by worshipping in the temple. …

In the temple we can “lay aside the things of this world” and feel the Lord’s presence…We can focus on our ancestors, our families, and eternal life in the presence of the Father. …

As we diligently strengthen our fortifications, we become like Jesus Christ, as His true disciples, with our very souls in His protection. Your testimony of Jesus Christ is your personal fortress, the security for your soul. … Our testimonies…our homes, our families, and our membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be our personal fortresses of protection…” — Ronald A. Rasband (more…)

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