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‘Holiness, not happiness, is the chief end of man.’ Oswald Chambers

 Well, it’s that time of year again.

Every October Utah’s chilly air seems to get colder faster as it carries a dark interpretation of the Mormon god who reminds everyone it’s General Conference time.

Melissa asked me to  check out a page on the Church’s site aimed at LDS children, hence, our focus today. As of Friday, October 4th, the Church’s front page offered several activities kids could do to help keep them focused on what speakers would be saying at the October conference. The main idea was for kids to color in the images of different items pertaining to the talk being given at the time.

You can also find the same info on their FB page here. As an FYI, we’ll be discussing their other talks throughout the week. For today we have a few questions, the first stemming from what it said on their FB page.

“Listen carefully to general conference, and when a speaker talks about one of the topics below, cover that square with a marker (such as a bean, button, or piece of candy). See if you can cover five squares in a row. Then see if you can cover all of the squares.”


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