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3-in-1Before we begin our look at Joe Smith’s false interpretation of Egyptian hieroglyphs today, I’m compelled to give the reader a heads up!

While reading a sermon by LDS Apostle Neal Maxwell, about a half dozen problems from his text quickly ran through my thoughts.

Mr. Maxwell was quoting a passage from the Joe Smith inspired canon, Book of Abraham, located in ‘The Pearl of Great Price’. In this part of Mormon canon, Smith tried his hand at interpreting the ancient Egyptian language, which at that time was a new field just given birth to through the discovery of the Rosetta Stone.Reformed Egyptian jacob-hicks-photo-of-the-caractors

This particular passage was part of a larger narrative of the Mormon god sharing with the patriarch Abraham, that he lives near a star called Kolob.


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Enish-go-on-dosh and Hathor

Mormon Decisions 10Part five in our series of Joseph Smith’s translation of Egyptian hieroglyphics is about magic cow goddesses. Joseph somehow thought this symbol was referring to the sun and the grand key of power.

After seeing the few translations that we have so far I’m left wondering what purpose his new fangled scriptures had for the Mormon people then and now. I don’t recall studying anything about the facsimiles while in Sunday school, Sacrament Meetings, LDS Seminary or Relief Society. Where is the hope for a Christian in Egyptian gods ?


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