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Nephites: Very White and Highly Intelligent

The Juvenile Instructor, No 11, Vol. 1, p. 43 “The Nephites, on the contrary, were a very industrious, peaceable people…They were also a very white and beautiful and highly intellectual and cultivated people…After this there were none but Lamanites left, and the present American Indians are their descendants.” – Salt Lake City, June 1, 1866


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Journal of Discourses 24:38-45 “…we believe in marriage, we have opened the door in that direction, and we say to the sexes marry; but we close the door in the other direction, and say, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not seduce, defile, prostitute or lead astray innocent beings; if you do, and we had the power, we would punish you. …it was plain to be seen that nothing in that bill [Edmunds Bill] was designed to reach real vice, to strike down immorality; it was a blow at our religious practices.” — George Quayle Cannon, Salt Lake City, Sunday, June 25, 1882 (more…)

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