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Mormon Decisions 10The other day I came across an online repository of sorts filled with LDS references about the Mormon Holy Ghost. The quotes were taken from speeches, and writings of past and present leaders of Mormonism, and as it turned out the page was written by a professor at BYU, Bruce K. Satterfield.

Looking over some of these I can’t help but feel sorry for those who absorb this into their spirit. There’s mass confusion from one leader to the next with no solid foundational truth upon which to stand. It’s no wonder the #1 issue for many new ex-Mormons is a lack of confidence about God’s Holy Spirit, and how He operates.

I just cannot imagine living life without God’s Holy Spirit as a constant staple in my life. When I’m lonely, or unsure about life, without fail, He is always there to guide me along and clarify doubts for me in His word and His presence.


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