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Mormonism and the Negro, p. 20 “We believe that God is our Creator, that He is an all-wise God, that He is concerned about the eternal welfare of all His Children, one as well as another. We believe that He is all-powerful, and controls in the destiny of mankind and all that pertains to it. We further believe in the concept of eternal progress: that as man is God once was, and as God is, man may become. (May become, not necessarily will become, for that would not make allowance for free agency. We may become like God, or we may become like Satan, or we may become something in between these two extremes.).” — John J. Stewart (more…)

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Mormonism and the Negro, p. 7 “There is nothing in the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints about which any member need feel any shame, apology or embarrassment. Perhaps in the individual failings and weaknesses of some who profess to be members, there may be cause, but not in the Gospel itself.” — John J. Stewart, 1960 (more…)

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