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Journal of Discourses 14:149 “…much as he [Joseph Smith] is scorned and despised, he had hundreds and thousands who would have gone to the death with him when he went to death, but Jesus found not a man. Joseph Smith, though he spent only fourteen years in presiding over this people, organizing the Church, proclaiming the Gospel and receiving revelations, yet had hundreds and thousands of men and women who were ready to go to the death with him.” — Brigham Young, Salt Lake City, June 25, 1871 (more…)

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Mormonism: Solid Rock or Sinking Sand?

     Not long ago I heard an old hymn for the first time that many of you are probably familiar with; it’s called “The Solid Rock”.   As I read over the words to this wonderful song I thought of the LDS Church, and how their doctrines are not centered on Jesus Christ.


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