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Brigham Young’s Teachings on Adam, p. 9 “In my doctrinal teachings I have taught many things not written in any book, ancient or modern. And yet, notwithstanding the many things I have told the people, I have never looked into the Bible, the Book of Mormon, or the Doctrine and Covenants, or any of our Church works to see whether they agreed with them or not. When I have spoken by the power of God and the Holy Ghost it is truth, it is scripture, and I have no fears but that it will agree with all that has been revealed in every particular.” — Deseret News, vol. 26, no. 18, 6 June 1877, 274, column 5, paragraph 2, discourse given by President Brigham Young, 25 May 1877, Logan, Utah, location not specified.

Reference provided by Matthew B. Brown, Delivered at the 2009 FAIR Conference, Sandy, Utah. (more…)

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We posted the following article in 2015, but they still haven’t denounced this idolatrous teaching!

If you’re LDS, is this what you expect from your leaders?

Daily Journal of Abraham H. Cannon, April 15, 1894, v. 18, p. 70; “Father [George Q. Cannon] now spoke of the unfortunate condition of the people at present in regard to marriage…. ‘I believe in concubinage, or some plan whereby men and women can live together under sacred ordinances and vows until they can be married…. such a condition would have to be kept secret, until the laws of our government change to permit the holy order of wedlock which God has revealed, which will undoubtedly occur at no distant day, in order to correct the social evil….’

– Pres. Snow. ‘I have no doubt but concubinage will yet be practiced in this church, but I had not thought of it in this connection. When the nations are troubled good women will come here for safety and blessing, and men will accept them as concubines.’
– Pres. Woodruff: ‘If men enter into some practice of this character to raise a righteous posterity, they will be justified in it…’” (more…)

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Ensign, ‘In the Beginning,’ January 1998 “Modern revelation through the Prophet Joseph Smith clarifies the events described in Genesis 1–3, putting them into perspective. … Because what is recorded in Genesis is very brief in nature—…—detail is lacking. But through the blessings of additional scriptures, including the Joseph Smith Translation, and through what we learn in the temple and in the teachings of living prophets, we have answers to many fundamental questions that come to mind as one studies the Bible. …

We therefore learn that periods of time for the Creation may have lasted 24 hours each, 1,000 years, or even millions of years. The periods of time are indeterminate in length; as one phase of the creation was finished, the next began. Therefore the age of the earth before Adam and Eve could have been great indeed.” — Robert J. Woodford (more…)

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Doctrines of Salvation I:188 “If Joseph’s claims and declarations were built upon fraud and deceit, there would appear many errors and contradictions, which would be easy to detect. The doctrines of false teachers will not stand the test when tried by the accepted standards of measurement, the scriptures.”  — Joseph Fielding Smith (more…)

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Journal of Discourses 16:196 “…Christ, of whom we hear and read so much in the Scriptures of divine truth, was “the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world.” He was believed in, long before he made his appearance, both on the Asiatic and American continent, and God gave unto his ancient Prophets many visions, manifestations and revelations of his coming to take away the sins of the world by the sacrifice of himself.” — John Taylor, Salt Lake City, September 7, 1873 (more…)

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Jesus’ Blood Doesn’t Save You 

Journal of Discourses 7:298-299; “Jesus was anointed and preferred before others, from the simple fact that he loved righteousness better than others, and hated iniquity more. And hence it is written—”For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings.” (Hebrews 2:10.)…pg. 299… He not only recommended to the world obedience, but was himself a living pattern and example of that obedience which he taught, and through that obedience merited that which was conferred upon him. Hence we read that he was exalted above his brethren, simply because he loved righteousness and hated iniquity; and it is that same principle that saves you and me. We may talk of men being redeemed by the efficacy of his blood; but the truth is that that blood has no efficacy to wash away our sins. That must depend upon our own action.” – Elder Amasa Lyman, Salt Lake City, December 25, 1859


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Journal of Discourses 16:135-136 “We read that he went to his own native country, where he was born, among his neighbors and acquaintances on a certain occasion, and that he could not do many mighty miracles there because of their unbelief.

What a great pity it was that Jesus had not some of the learned divines of the present day to instruct him!

They would no doubt have told Jesus that because of the greatness of the unbelief in his own neighborhood and among his acquaintances he must perform some greater miracles among them than he did anywhere else.

That would have been consistent with the present ideas of theologians. But in those days Jesus operated among the people according to their faith, and the greater the unbelief, the less the miracles.” — Orson  Pratt, New Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, Sunday Morning, July, 13, 1873 (more…)

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