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cross 12Today’s post comes courtesy of an article I saw on LDS Living. I’m going to post a few highlights from the article here, and then ask questions as we go along. One of the reasons we’re highlighting this article is to provide an example of what the average Mormon thinks of non-Mormon events.

LDS Living, ‘Why Mormons Don’t Practice Ash Wednesday and Lent’

“In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint we honor, and celebrate the life of Christ. We do not observe Ash Wednesday as it was instituted by man. We believe that we should always be repenting of sins we commit, and by partaking of the Sacrament weekly, we believe that doing this not only renews all of our covenants we have made with God, but it is the only way to renew any of our covenants. …


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Holidays Celebrated by the Mormons

     We receive a lot of requests asking if Mormons celebrate Easter, birthdays and other holidays that most Christians observe.  When I was in the Mormon Church it didn’t occur to me that by not observing things like Good Friday would be looked upon as strange by those outside of our clan.  Now that I’m a Christian I look with eager anticipation for Holy Week to come around every year.  It’s hard to believe that I used to be so ignorant about such important items in life.

     Mormons observe all holidays and birthdays that everyone else does in America.  With the exception of Easter day they do not celebrate any days during Holy Week.  They also don’t observe Ash Wednesday, Pentecost, Lent or Passover.

      As my experience in the Christian lifestyle grew I came to realize just how empty my spiritual life was as a Mormon and how grateful I am now to the Lord for His awesome gift of salvation!

     Please come alongside us to lift these dear people up in prayer for God to open their hearts and eyes to accept His free gift of love and salvation!

 With Love in Christ

Michelle Grim

1 Cor. 1:18  …

 Here’s the list of do’s and don’ts for major holidays and the Mormon Church.

 Personal birthdays – yes

Christmas – yes

Easter – yes

Thanksgiving – yes

Memorial & Veteran’s Day – yes

President’s Day – yes

4th of July – yes

Mother’s Day – yes

Father’s Day – yes

 Palm Sunday – no

Maundy Thursday – no

Good Friday – no

Passover – no

Holy Saturday – no

Pentecost – no

Lent – no

Epiphany – no

Ash Wednesday – no

Advent – not typically

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