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“The Mormonites,” Millennial Harbinger 2 (Feb. 7, 1831): 93 “This prophet Smith, through his stone spectacles, wrote on the plates of Nephi, in his book of Mormon, every error and almost every truth discussed in New York for the last ten years. … …But he is better skilled in the controversies in New York than in the geography or history of Judea.” — Alexander Campbell

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned when it comes to Mormonism is how there will always be one more thing I could add to our list of reasons why Joe Smith was a false prophet. Case in point is found in our post today.

While I’ve known about the references we’ve listed below, I somehow overlooked placing them in our series, ‘Coincidences in Mormonism’. Be sure to check out the new additions where they’ll be there by the end of the day!

Moreover, also be sure to pray for Jesus to release these dear ones from the lies they’ve bought into. With the upcoming General Conference this weekend they’re sure to hear even more lies, while not hearing any biblical truths about Jesus. (more…)

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