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Heavenly Parents; Even the Pagans Believe!

Gospel Through the Ages, pgs 100-101; “Not only have the prophets of God throughout the various dispensations declared that mortals are the children of Heavenly Parents and that God placed mankind into mortality; but the pagan religions preserved in their theologies kindred doctrine. The ancient Greek poets and philosophers, the Mystery Religions, and even the first settlers of the Mesopotamian Valley proclaimed these divine truths. 101 In the Cybele—Attis cult, which originated in central Asia Minor, the supreme deity was known as the “Great Mother.” She was believed to be the mother not only “of all the gods,” but “of all men” as well. Several other cults which were pagan rivals of Christianity had beliefs similar to those of the Cybele—Attis cult, each of which maintained that men were the offspring of heavenly beings.” – Milton Hunter



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